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Grow Your Faith

Preparing for Revival

Shop Now Available formats: Paperback ebook (ePub edition) ebook (Kindle edition) ebook PDF...

True Stories

No Barrier Too Great

The fall of Communism would have a profound effect on Cornel who was severely handicapped. A story of overcoming through faith.


Sapphire Beach

COMING SOON Release Date: 1 october 2019 Martha has left everything she knows behind. Her...


Dig Deeper

Drawn from the Well

This delightful and humourous collection of illustrated Bible verses will encourage, guide, comfort and empower you in your walk with God.

Young Adult

Judging Meghan

When Meghan Manley and her family are forced to leave and join hundreds of others on the road, looking for work, they are faced with both the best and worst of humanity.

Christian Living

Why Am I So Crap?

The world constantly tells us we aren't good enough. How we can find freedom from self-doubt and insecurity?


All My Naked Soul

In a moving collection of poems, Patricia Morris explores her journey with a mental health condition.




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