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5 minutes at the Writers’ Roundabout

5 minutes at the Writers’ Roundabout

Jim Bryden has talked about his 'Journey of Faith' book series at the Writer's Roundabout event at The GLO Bookshop.

Jim Bryden, author of the Christian teaching series ‘Journey of Faith’, presented each of his five books at a recent public event in Scotland. Hosted by the GLO Bookshop, based in Lanarkshire, the ‘Writers’ Roundabout’ event brought together Christian authors to talk about their latest publications to local believers. Jim felt the event was a great success for everyone involved and found it a helpful way to connect with the community.


‘A Journey into God’s Secret Plan’
Prepare to climb the heights and walk in heavenly places. The mystery of God’s eternal will and long-range plan is out in the open. Everything in deepest heaven and planet earth is to be brought together under Christ. God’s grace is lavished upon us through Christ!


‘A Journey that Changed the World’
The journey of faith is planned by God. The star is his only Son, Jesus. He became one of us. Died to save us. Lives to lead us. Follow, follow Jesus. Will you? Our genetic make-up causes us to run away. Choose to walk with God and you have it all!


‘A Journey of Pentecostal Power’
The clock is ticking. Our days are numbered. Live life your way or God’s way. Prophecy, signs and wonders. Whose sat-nav do you follow? A rising storm threatens world peace, escalation of violence and abuse. The spread of drug addiction, families at war. Where is God? 


‘A Journey of Searching for God in the Pain’
How can a good God allow people to suffer? Where is God when it hurts? Why does God allow suffering? What is the purpose of suffering in the life of the Christian?


A Journey Tackling Life’s Most Important Issues’
Can God save creation? Are Heaven and Hell real places? What is it like to walk with God? Will a loving God judge the world? Is religion all about war? Will you share your faith with others?

From the time we make Jesus our Lord and Saviour until the time we will see him in our heavenly home, we are each on a journey of faith. As pilgrims, we follow the map of God’s Word and avoid dead-ends and are equipped to deal with danger zones along the path.

Lord, on our journey of faith, you lead, we follow. Amen




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