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5 tips for writers, from author Mark Iles

5 tips for writers, from author Mark Iles

Looking for some great writing tips? You’re in the right place!

Author Mark Iles kindly shared 5 of his top tips. We pray that you’re inspired and empowered by his advice.


Procrastination is the deadly enemy of writing. It is never as difficult as you think and frequently much easier than you expected. Getting that first line on the empty page is so important, even if you change it later. Do it now.


It is important to build momentum while writing. Large periods of inactivity lose momentum and make you feel like you are starting all over again. Little and often is very helpful in keeping your thread and strategy current in your mind. 


Finding a place to write which has limited distractions, is physically comfortable and has everything easily to hand, really improves your performance. Writing in an environment that suits you is very helpful, so find or create yours. Wherever it is, find your happy place.


Learning to turn off the many distractions in your mind, and focus only on your writing, really increases capacity and quality. Building on the above, getting into your ‘zone’ will bring your clarity, perspective and application. One you find it, stay there and don’t let go.


While everyone is different, developing a routine that suits you helps minimise distractions and maximises your focus on your writing. Having regular meal breaks, rewards for progress, a healthy sleeping pattern. and good lighting are all part of bringing you to a place of maximum focus.


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