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The Last Days

How we are called to live out our lives and share the gospel with perseverance and faithfulness, with the promise of a heavenly reward.


Daniel’s Painting

This beautifully illustrated book for children aged 5-7 teaches the value of encouragement.

Christian Living

Why Am I So Crap?

The world constantly tells us we aren't good enough. How we can find freedom from self-doubt and insecurity?



This spiritually nourishing collection of poetry was written as Linda Daruvala 'paused and reflected' in places of stillness.

Grow Your Faith

Preparing for Revival

Revival is coming, but we need to be ready! This rallying call from a missionary to the West will increase your hunger to see God’s will done in your life, in your church and in your nation.

Young Adult

Judging Meghan

When Meghan Manley and her family are forced to leave and join hundreds of others on the road, looking for work, they are faced with both the best and worst of humanity.


Sapphire Beach

Martha has left everything she knows behind. Can she find healing and peace in her new life in Crete?

True Stories

I Dare to Open My Suitcase

In a series of letters to her daughter, Johanna tells how, from a life that began in a children's home, she found hope, purpose and strength through Jesus.




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