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A book that has much to offer those encountering frailty

A book that has much to offer those encountering frailty

Brian Dunlop reviews 'With a Light Touch' by Dr Ian Donald.

Brian Dunlop (Chair of CaBic – Cheltenham and Bishop’s Cleeve Anna Chaplaincy for older people) begins with an honest admission;

WITH A LIGHT TOUCH – A guide to healthcare in frailty is the book that I needed when some years ago my parents became frail. Eventually I obtained much of the knowledge and many of the insights set out in Dr Ian Donald’s book, but they were hard won and often, frustratingly, followed the event.”

He gives Ian’s credential as a retired specialist in the care of older people, as well as acknowledging his “deep interest in care in the community”.

Brian details some of the book topics, while relating some to his own personal experiences with his mother. He explains in brief how treatment should be considered carefully as to whether it will bring more benefit to the individual, or harm.

“The message throughout is that doctors should be taking a holistic approach that is appropriate to each person’s situation, desires and life expectancy.”

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He looks at the issues, which may trouble Christians, squarely in the eye…”

Brian Dunlop

Chair of CaBic , Cheltenham and Bishop's Cleeve Anna Chaplaincy for older people

About the Book

We live in an ageing society, and for most of us our final years of life will be spent with a degree of frailty. This book provides a practical guide and a Christian perspective on wise use of healthcare for those living with frailty. It is helpful both to those who are already experiencing how age limits their abilities, and also to those who are becoming involved in healthcare decisions for parents or older relatives.

Dr Ian Donald has been a specialist in the care of older people for over 30 years, and a pioneer for care in the community. He discusses openly the limitations of healthcare, the risks of too many pills and the dangers of a long spell in hospital. He argues that a unique style of healthcare is now emerging, preferable to many, which lies somewhere between hi-tech and comfort-only care.

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