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A Pocketful of Prayers

A Pocketful of Prayers

Simple prayers in poem format, for daily use and meditation.

This booklet contains 28 prayers in the form of poems that cover aspects of life that we all face – from birthdays to Christmas, from trust to forgiveness, from remembering the past to expectancy of the future.

ISBN: 9781910197189 (PB)

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Joan Copeland

Joan Copeland


Joan Copeland is an Anglican Lay Reader, married to Chris, a retired vicar, living in Malvern, where she is also a volunteer at The Lyttelton Well, the local Christian bookshop.

Having studied theology at Kings College, London, she shared Chris’s ministry for 38 years, mainly in Worcestershire and Birmingham, including teaching theology and involvement in the ministry of healing.

Joan’s upbringing in a small village in Essex gave her a lifelong interest in the countryside, reflected in much of her poetry which she has been writing since childhood.

She and Chris have four daughters and nine grandchildren, which, combined with their various Christian commitments, make for a busy and fulfilling ‘retirement’.

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