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A Prayer Companion Through Cancer

A Prayer Companion Through Cancer

A book of prayers that will help in every stage of the cancer journey, for sufferers and those supporting them.

This prayer book has been written for all those suffering with cancer. Over 70 prayers cover the many stages of the unwelcome journey: from diagnosis to facing treatment, from recovery to remission.

Kate recognises that the battle against cancer is both phsyical and emotional. Her prayers acknowledge and tackle the complex cocktail of feelings and experiences often encountered by cancer patients; her words giving an authentic voice to the inner struggles, whilst holding on to hope in God.

“…knowing we can come to God in our darkest hours with our deepest fears, longings and hopes can be transformative.”

Rev. Dr Sarah Baker

Stage 3 oesophageal cancer survivor

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Kate Strickland

Kate Strickland


Kate Strickland comes from Cheshire, England. After graduating from UEA with a degree in English Literature, she spent over ten years in management roles in the North West of England, including an Architects’ practice and a FTSE 100 company.

Now married, with two children, Kate commits her time to her writing, her Charity Trustee work, her role of Chair of Governors to a large school and, most importantly, her family.

Endorsements and Reviews

Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool

Prayers become real when they are carved from experience. In this book Kate has brought a lived experience to God, and the result is a collection of prayers that should help people at all stages of the journey with cancer. Honest, hopeful and – yes – joyful in the face of darkness and pain, it points us to the cross, and to the life eternal that the cross has won for us all. I am most grateful to Kate for quarrying, shaping and polishing these prayers so that we can all use them.

Paul Bayes
Bishop of Liverpool

Christine Marsland

Sharing a cancer journey with someone you love and adore is heartbreaking, exhausting and, at times, overwhelming.

I travelled this journey with my brave and beautiful daughter Tasha. At every turn, with every step, Kate’s prayers supported us. Her words gave us strength and hope and reminded us that our Lord was always with us.

Kate sent us a prayer before we faced every challenge; when we received the initial devastating diagnosis, when we were in the darkest of places, but also when we received encouraging news and when we felt so grateful for those who were caring for us.

I know that the prayers Kate has collected in this beautiful book will help so many others on their personal cancer journey.


Christine Marsland


Rev. Dr Sarah Baker, Stage 3 oesophageal cancer survivor

Being diagnosed with cancer is a very personal and unique experience. No two people will have the same experience, no two people will react in the same way, no two families will deal with it in the same way. One thing however is constant and sure and that is the love of God.

Being upheld by others in prayer, knowing we can come to God in our darkest hours with our deepest fears, longings and hopes can be transformative. The prayers in this book are hard won. Dip into this pool and take the water of healing and refreshment you need.  I commend them to you.


Rev. Dr. Sarah Baker
Stage 3 oesophageal cancer survivor




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