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A Taste of Heaven

A Taste of Heaven
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First steps for Jubilee 2000

Flying over central Africa in 1994, Isabel Carter sensed God’s anger at the huge injustice of Third World debt and was given a vision from God – that the year 2000 was the be a year of Jubilee in which the burdens of debt would be cancelled.

As she shared the vision and sought help from aid agencies, a small group of ‘nobodies’ began working together on helping this idea gain momentum.

Isabel was a member of the steering committee that oversaw the founding and development of Jubilee 2000, which eventually led to an unprecedented international coalition of aid agencies in 40 countries and a record-breaking petition to cancel world debt.

Isabel tells the story of how a vision from God on an aeroplane became a world-changing movement in just 6 years.

“…how one woman’s vision and determination helped to change the world.”

Stephen Rand

Former Prayer and Campaigns Director, Tearfund

About the Author

Isabel Carter

Isabel Carter

Co-founder of Jubilee 2000

Isabel Carter studied environmental and plant sciences in London University. She gained experience working first in Ethiopia and then in Papua New Guinea, focusing on crop agriculture. After a few years in editing agricultural publications, she worked with Tearfund for over 20 years, firstly working with farmers in a semi-arid area of Kenya, then as Editor of Footsteps and in later years coordinating their international publications. A passion for sharing and communicating information led to research into the flow of information among farmers, leading to a doctorate at Leeds University. Enabling the sharing of practical information in local languages became a particular focus in the latter years with Tearfund as a result of this research. She was a co-founder of Jubilee 2000.

In recent years her concerns have focused on raising awareness of lifestyle change and awareness regarding climate change, and enjoying voluntary work with nature conservation, practical work outdoors with school children, and bird watching and surveying.

Endorsements and Reviews

The Rt Revd James Jones KBE
If ever there were a modern example of the Kingdom of God beginning life as a seed, here it is! Isabel Carter was in the seed of Jubilee 2000. With great authority and passion, she traces its beginnings and shows how the seed was sown and germinated, growing shoots of freedom and fairness, justice and jubilee. It’s a classic exposition of how great ideas and movements start from the bottom up and from small beginnings. An inspiration!

The Rt Revd James Jones KBE (‘for services to the bereaved and to justice’)
Formerly Bishop of Hull and Bishop of Liverpool

Stephen Rand, former Prayer and Campaigns Director for Tearfund
This is a truly remarkable story: how one woman’s vision and determination helped to change the world. The echoes of William Wilberforce were heard again as ordinary people demanded that the chains should be broken and people set free. The Jubilee trumpet was heard across the globe; by the world’s most powerful leaders and the world’s oppressed poor. I discovered – and thousands more like me – that my voice could be raised and it could make a difference. As a consequence, Tearfund – and many other charities – embraced advocacy and campaigning as an integral and essential component of their work. As the closing report of Jubilee 2000 said, “The world will never be the same.” That’s why I’m so delighted and grateful that Isabel has written this book: the perseverance, the battles, the characters, the setbacks and the bottlenecks are all there – and so are the inspirations, the encouragements and the breakthroughs. What a story… what a result!

Stephen Rand was Communications Director, then Prayer and Campaigns Director for Tearfund; Jubilee 2000 Board Member, then Co-chair of Jubilee Debt Campaign. He now works part-time for the APPG for International Freedom of Religion or Belief and is Advocacy Consultant to Open Doors UK&I

Ann Pettifor, political economist
The international Jubilee 2000 campaign was transformative – not just of creditor-debtor relations across low income countries but for many organisations and individuals. Isabel Carter’s deep faith played a critical role in the founding of Jubilee 2000 and its later success – which is why her story – this book – is an important contribution to an understanding of a global ‘grass roots’ campaign’s achievements in challenging powerful vested financial interests.

Ann Pettifor
Political economist and author; former Director of Jubilee 2000 Coalition UK

“If ever there were a modern example of the Kingdom of God beginning life as a seed, here it is!”

The Rt Revd James Jones KBE

Formerly Bishop of Hull and Bishop of Liverpool

“The international Jubilee 2000 campaign was transformative…”

Ann Pettifor

Former Director of Jubilee 2000 Coalition UK




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