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Aaron’s story is shared in the Daily Mail

Aaron’s story is shared in the Daily Mail

"Aaron Mollitt had profound disabilities, but his pleasures were simple. He loved being pushed in his wheelchair, to breathe fresh air and feel the breeze on his face."

So reported the Daily Mail  on 4th August in its Extraordinary Lives article.

The piece about Aaron, written by John and Pam Mollitt, tells how their adopted son with multiple disorders – spastic quadriplegia, epilepsy, severe spinal curvature and visual impairment – nevertheless brought life and happiness to those around him in the community.

“Pushing him in his wheelchair through our tiny village of Ingleton in the Yorkshire Dales could take a couple of hours because everyone wanted to stop and see how he was. And that wonderful smile was such a tonic that I often took him with me when I visited hospitals in my role as a minister of Ingleton Evangelical Church. His presence seemed to be uplifting for others.”

Aaron’s story is told in depth in the recently published book, A Life Worthwhile.

About ‘A Life Worthwhile’

When Pastor John Mollitt read in a newspaper that a four-week-old boy had been taken into hospital, he somehow knew that this baby boy would be the next foster child that he and his wife Pat would care for. Aaron arrived for a year of fostering, the beginning of a process that eventually led to his adoption.

Despite his complex medical needs and the doctors saying he would probably not reach the age of 10, Aaron lived life to the full for 28 years, bringing joy, hope and inspiration to those around him. He went to a special school from the ages of 4 to 18, enjoyed a tailored programme based on the National Curriculum and even met royalty.

This is a story of God’s love expressed in the life of a family, and how their commitment to one another enabled them to overcome great challenges.

The Christian Medical Fellowship reviews ‘A Life Worthwhile’

The Christian Medical Fellowship reviews ‘A Life Worthwhile’

So began a recent article about A Life Worthwhile, a book by Pastor John Mollitt. The review, written by John Martin, Head of Communications at the Christian Medical Fellowship, appeared in the Spring 2018 edition of the Triple Helix magazine. He writes:...




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