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About Onwards and Upwards

Now celebrating over a decade of trading, Onwards and Upwards has rapidly grown from a small family business to a force in modern Christian book publishing. The vision of the company is to enable Christian authors to get their books published, marketed and distributed to a wide readership, for the equipping of the church and for promoting Christian values in society.

Launched in 2008 and registered as a limited company in 2011, the Company quickly developed a marketing and distribution infrastructure, leading to international sales of a wide range of titles endorsed by some of the leading Christian teachers and ministers in the UK today. Our books and/or authors have been featured in The Sunday Times and The Guardian, as well as on Revelation TV, UCB Radio and BBC Radio, and other well-known Christian and secular media channels.

As well as selling our books through traditional channels such as high street bookshops, we also believe in taking advantage of the latest technology and media tools in order to maximise our reach into the community. We were one of the first UK Christian publishers to produce all our new titles in eBook editions as well as paperbacks, and we have a full time staff member devoted to marketing and media.

We are continually on the lookout for the best Christian teaching, biographies, devotionals and other literature. If you have a manuscript, don’t hesitate to contact us now with a submission.

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