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All My Naked Soul

All My Naked Soul

An original collection of poems exploring the complexities of living with a mental illness.

In this moving collection of poems, Patricia Morris explores her journey with a mental health condition. Instead of hiding or disguising it, she decides to shine a light on her illness. In this powerful body of work, Patricia accepts that the condition is intrinsically part of her life and reflects on how it impacts how she sees herself and the world around her.

Patricia’s honest and insightful words are a reminder to not withhold the challenging parts of our lives from God, but to share everything with Him and know we are fully loved.

Be encouraged to find healing and freedom from shame, by sharing your story boldly, the triumphs as well as the struggles.

…an inspirational, courageous and timely must-read book of poetry.

Christine Oteh, Chosen Women Fellowship

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About the Author

Patricia Morris

Patricia Morris

 Patricia Morris grew up in North London as part of a large, boisterous family. Her love of reading and writing were always her way of finding quiet times amidst the noise. Patricia understood very early that her way of expressing herself, her experiences, and her faith was going to be through writing poetry.

Her first experience of success was writing a Christmas Carol for her school choir at the age of 12 and then winning a prize in a National Writing Competition run by the African –Caribbean Education Resource Project (ACER) aged 16.

Patricia continued to be a prolific writer; writing songs and plays for her local church. However, she kept much of her poetry private until she an opportunity to speak at a Women’s Event. There she found that her poetry was not only a true reflection of herself, but also able to give a voice to the unspoken experience of many who live with mental health.


October 2020

10 Nov, 5.30pm.

Zoom event: Conversations on Mental Health
Part of Mental Health Foundation‘s Tea and Talk Day.

Endorsements and Reviews

Christine Oteh, Chosen Women Fellowship

For the last seven years Patricia has been invited to participate as a speaker in the Chosen Ministry Women’s Day Program and each year it is with great anticipation that we look forward to what she has to share. Many of the women who attend this program are fans of Patricia’s thought-provoking poetry, and with good reason Her poetry has the ability to touch the secret places within without feeling judgement; there is a deep empathy in Patricia’s poems. They are engaging and compelling and lovely and sad in equal measure. There is also a feeling of victory even though that may not always be obvious; however, if you can just hang on to the next page you will be able to feel hope through her words, her phases, her seasons and experiences. The fact that Patricia is able to be so transparent is a rare quality and makes her even more beautiful; she is passionate, deliberate, a champion of many; she is brave. She speaks her truth, which is both piercing and delicate at the same time, and no matter where you are in life’s journey or where you come from, there are elements of her poetry that one can identify with. At our times of deepest reflection, we acknowledge that we have much more in common than we care to realise as her poetry shines the light on some of our untold stories, our unshared pain and the masked areas of our lives. We are fans because Patricia, through her poetry, tells our truth. I am both honoured and humbled to endorse My Naked Soul – an inspirational, courageous and timely must-read book of poetry.

Christine Oteh
Chosen Women Fellowship

…engaging and compelling and lovely and sad in equal measure.

Christine Oteh

Chosen Women Fellowship

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