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All Nations Christian College connection with wartime author

All Nations Christian College connection with wartime author

All Nations college has interviewed Andrew Daunton-Fear about his mother's book, 'Treasures From a Deep Mine'.

Emma Lawson from All Nations Christian College has promoted Alison Daunton-Fear’s devotional book in a recent article sharing thoughts and reflections from the author’s son, Andrew.

“God continues to weave people’s stories into our lives long after they have left us. Sometimes they are laid bare, gleaming in plain sight; sometimes they are hidden treasures to be mined. With the help of his sister, Mary, Andrew Daunton-Fear carefully mined the treasures of his mother’s extraordinary life and writings and has given us the gift of her biblical insight and deep wisdom.”

Emma notes the difference in the battles we face today to those of the wartime author, but also points out the practical application to her devotional messages in our present uncertain times.

She asks Andrew a series of questions about his own take on the book, starting with the intended audience and the overall intention of the book itself.

“We found that these devotional talks still have a powerful message for today, and we wanted them to have a much wider audience than those who originally heard them.”

Emma also asks Andrew to share his favourite excerpts, of which he shares a number of them, including:

‘As long as we have time to breathe, we have time to pray.’ (p.25)

 ‘All through life our hands are used either for self or for the service of others.’ (p.85)

Emma draws out from him the themes and application of the devotional:

“Prayer, faith, trusting God in crises, the spiritual training of children, the Cross, the Holy Spirit, caring for others. Many of these topics are relevant to Christian discipleship today; the wartime talks can bring comfort in other crisis situations.”

The Academic Vice Principal and Undergraduate Programme Leader, Dr VJ Samkutty, also contributes:

“The nuggets of truth and wisdom Alison brings in here are biblically sound and practically relevant. These also seem to echo the cry of a heart that fully trusts in God in the selfless service of Christ and sincere love for others to the conversation.”

To read the full article, Click Here.

Alison’s legacy continues, and there are practical applications to her devotional messages in our present uncertain times.
Emma Lawson

All Nations

About the Book



This book is a collection of 40 talks by Alison Daunton-Fear, a gifted preacher whose ministry spanned a large part of the twentieth century, including during the years of the Second World War. As the Church of England did not allow women to be ordained at that time, she mainly preached to women’s groups, especially the Mothers’ Union, but her powerful sermons speak to us all today. Her work complemented that of her ordained husband Richard, who eventually became an Archdeacon in Australia.

Alison’s talks reflect her radiant Christian faith and beauty of spirit, her extensive knowledge of the Bible, and her deep love and understanding of the needs of humanity. They are concise but packed with spiritual truth with practical application that both challenges and encourages.

Presented as daily readings, each with a scripture to meditate on, this book can be used as a daily devotional (for example, during the 40 days of lent), as a resource for small group studies or as a treasury of teaching material for church leaders.

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