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Author discusses God’s love with popular South African Radio station

Author discusses God’s love with popular South African Radio station

Anna Jensen was recently interviewed by Highway Radio.

Highway radio broadcast an interview with Anna Jensen, author of The Outskirts of His Glory.

Anna chatted to radio host Malungi about her faith and some of the revelations she has had about His love. She shared, ”He knows every intimate little detail about us and I think that that is the essence of love.”

She reminded listeners of scripture and what it tells us about God’s love, with a particular focus on the famous verse in John 3:16, ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.’

Those who tuned in were encouraged that they have complete freedom in Christ. Anna shared, “We don’t need to be ashamed, we don’t need to hide, we don’t need to pretend.”

Anna enjoyed the experience, commenting that “Malungi’s very easy to talk with and clearly has a real heart for both God and her listeners.”


“We are cherished and we are precious in His sight.”

Anna Jensen

About the Book


Join Anna Jensen and her family as they travel to seek out and experience the odd and unexpected of God’s creation. Often taking the less beaten paths, they encounter an elephant raised by a herd of buffalo, a community of birds in nests two metres high, a coffee tree growing where it should not exist, and much more.
In each place, Anna senses the still, small voice of God, revealing aspects of his glory and character which challenge and equip us. As well as a photograph of each place visited, every story comes with a scripture for meditation, a poem for reflection and a prayer for application.
As you journey with Anna, you will be inspired to slow down, stop and listen to the whispers of the Spirit as he speaks to you too through the natural world.

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