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Author of Christmas Bestseller meets with readers at local bookshop

Author of Christmas Bestseller meets with readers at local bookshop

Becky Lovatt, author of Beyond the Chocolate Window, enjoyed a successful books signing at Bridge Books, Exeter.


Last Tuesday author Becky Lovatt attended a book signing at Bridge Books, a Christian bookshop based in Exeter.

Becky conversed with readers and signed copies of her Bestseller, Beyond the Chocolate Window.

Mary, from Bridge Books, commented ‘there has been quite an interest because it has a good title, is very practical and also (I think its strength compared to other Advent books) it has readings right through Christmas to Epiphany.’

We pray that you too will be inspired by Becky’s collection of Advent reflections and readings.

Want a copy of your own? There is still time to order your perfect companion to the Christmas season.

Becky Lovatt

Becky Lovatt

About the Book

Advent is a time when the excitement of Christmas begins to build. The shops are stocked, the TV advertisements are in overdrive and the windows of the Advent calendar reveal each day another chocolate delight. But, of course, Advent is really about preparing our hearts to celebrate how God stepped into the world in the person of our saviour Jesus.

Becky Lovatt invites us to join her on a journey through the Bible, exploring the thoughts and feelings of some of the people touched by God, so that we too can deepen our relationship with him. This book presents daily meditations for Advent and Christmas, offering new insights into well-known stories. Each meditation is accompanied by a scripture reading, questions offered for reflection, an action to reinforce the message and a prayer.

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