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Author of Hope Restored shares her challenging journey on UCB2

Author of Hope Restored shares her challenging journey on UCB2
Ruth O'Reilly-Smith

Ruth O'Reilly-Smith

UCB 2 Presenter

"Dear Lord, please give my son the perfect Father. And God answered that."

Author Hannah C. Fairchild has spoken on a radio interview with Ruth O’Reilly-Smith, presenter of the popular radio show, This is My Story. Hannah shares her testimony on how she became a Christian, speaking about how God came into her life as a teenager and the commitment that she made at that time.

In turn, she speaks about the power of God’s love for us and how prayers are always answered even when we least expect it and that God had moved mountains in her own life.

Hannah has written two books, Sebby – Son of Hope and Hope Restored, both of which were healing and therapeutic for her after the most difficult times of her life.

She shares specifically of the time that God spoke to her in a dream of his great love for her. She was then in an abusive marriage, which led her to escape to a women’s refuge, while she was pregnant with her third child. She had already lost 2 children through miscarriage by that point, but God was continuing to give her words of hope.

Being from Slovakia where her family was, Hannah explains her loneliness in the UK at that time, which led her to seek help from churches while she was at the shelter.

“During that time, that was the foundation of where I really started trusting God and realising I really needed to change. ‘I can’t keep going through crisis after crisis. I have a child coming. I need to trust You.'”

She shares that it was during that time that God showed his miraculous practical provision for her and dreams given from Him, speaking of restoration with her family and the identity of her baby. She tells of how she returned to Slovakia to be with family, however, the difficulties continues. The news came of her un-born son passing away. She shares of the challenges of going through a still-birth, but also the restoration work that God was doing with her family relationships during the process.

“The Pastor from my church came to visit. He said, ‘You have a choice to grieve in a healthy way, or not grieve in healthy way. What do you choose?'”

These words were profound for her. She speaks of that as a time of decision as to whether she would choose her old life, or choose to trust God.

To listen to the full interview, Click Here.

The day that my son died, I did have a tremendous amount of peace.

Hannah C. Fairchild


About the Book

This 100-day devotional is designed to support anyone who is grieving the loss of a loved one. Hannah, who lost three children, draws on her own experiences and scripture to help the reader to face their season of mourning courageously and to process their thoughts and feelings in a way that leads to healing. Each piece concludes with a Prayer Starter to help the reader find words to express their daily needs and emotions to the Lord.




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