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Author offers marriage advice in recent Daily Mail article

Author offers marriage advice in recent Daily Mail article

Bolaji Eyo was interviewed by the Daily Mail about marriage, the topic at the centre of her book 'What I Never Knew when I said I Do'

Author, Bolaji Eyo, had the opportunity to share her thoughts on maintaining a healthy marriage, in a recent Daily Mail article.

The author of, What I Never Knew when I said I Do chatted to Hayley Richardson, who put the piece together for the Daily Mail. The article’s focus is on prioritising your marriage and contains a discussion about whether close friendships with the opposite sex may threaten marital harmony. 

Bolaji comments, ‘If one phone call to a male friend means five hours of discomfort in my home, you can bet that I will go as far as blocking the number from my phone.’

The post has been shared more than 200 times across several social media platforms and has provoked some debate on the topic.

Bolaji shared her feelings about the article in a recent blog post,  in which she made clear that ‘my opinions are mine and I’ve always refrained from imposing them on anyone.’ You can read Bolaji’s full response to the article here. 

Well done to Bolaji for sharing her passion for healthy marriages with the world! 

I thank God that my husband and I have the same stance.

Bolaji Eyo

About the Book


  • Is it possible to plan for a successful marriage?
  • What are the signs of a healthy relationship?
  • What are the most common mistakes to avoid?
  • What if I become attracted to another man?
  • How will children impact our marriage?
  • How can we ensure that our love will last a lifetime?

A good relationship can be a bed of roses – but you still have to watch out for the thorns! This helpful guide to navigating the early years of marriage tackles head-on many of the common issues that young married couples face.

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