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Author shares powerful story of grieving for her son on UCB radio

Author shares powerful story of grieving for her son on UCB radio

Lizzie White chatted to Ruth O'Reilly about her book '26 Years to Eternity', which was written after the loss of her son.

In a recent UCB interview, author Lizzie White opened up about the painful circumstances that led to writing her book ‘26 Years to Eternity’

Host of the show, Ruth O’Reily asked Lizzie to share about her son Robbie, a young Christian teacher who was active and well-loved in his community. She described how he ‘brought so much laughter and fun into our lives.’

Lizzie recalled the moment she found out Robbie had been killed in a traffic accident. She then shared how his death impacted her relationship with God and the questions she asked in the months and years after the accident. 

Lizzie expressed the motivation for writing 26 Years to Eternity, ‘I hope and I believe that God can still reach out to people through Robbie’s life’. 

After the interview, Lizzie reflected with us about the experience. She shared that, “doing the interview was pretty much out of my comfort zone. I guess that’s why I wrote a book as I find it easier to find the right words with time to think! But I knew it was the right thing to do and prayed God would give me the words. The people at UCB were so friendly and welcoming and at the end of the interview when Ruth said she had a real sense of God’s presence and that Robbie was with him it meant everything to me.”

The powerful interview is available through the soundcloud link below. We pray that you’re inspired by Lizzie’s story. 

I hope and I believe that God can still reach out to people through Robbie’s life.


“Thames Valley Police is appealing for information following a fatal collision in Finchampstead this morning. … The driver of the Nissan, a 33-year-old man from Hampshire, was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving.” – ITV NEWS

When a young Christian teacher, active and well-loved in his community, was killed during a traffic accident, his mother Lizzie found herself struggling to make sense of all that had happened, particularly from a faith perspective.

In a series of discussions with a fictional counsellor, Lizzie tells her true story, sharing memories of her son that will make you laugh and cry, but also tackling head-on issues of suffering, loss, forgiveness and hope. As we sit in on these counselling sessions, we join Lizzie on her journey of asking questions and deepening our understanding of God, of life and of eternity.

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