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Author Steve Hawkins

Steve Hawkins teaches English as a Second Language in London and is part of the New Zion Christian Fellowship family in Welwyn Garden City.

Having served the body of Christ for some time, he came to see that he was bound by degrees of legalism, through a visit to Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. Here he was strongly impacted by the Father’s love and now longs to see others enjoy genuine freedom in Jesus Christ.

Previously employed in both the catering and financial services industries, he now teaches students from all over the world in a large college.

He ministers today with a growing prophetic edge in leading worship, preaching and teaching.

The Pointing Finger

Accusation, Addiction and OCD

  • Are you the target of accusation?
  • Are you the target of accusation?
  • Have you battled with addiction?
  • Do you suffer with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

If you, or someone you know, can answer yes to any of these questions, then this book will provide practical help and guidance.

Steve Hawkins openly describes his own struggles, and the route by which God led him to a place of overcoming. Looking at the nature of addiction, the problem of guilt and fear, and with many real-life examples, Steve highlights the biblical principles that will lead you to freedom.

The Pointing Finger

The Fourth Day

God’s Purpose in the Season of Waiting

Only God can fathom the countless intricacies of how He works in our lives, whether we happen to see ourselves as currently prospering or finding life somewhat a trial.

We think we know how God should act – but how do we respond when the outcome is not what we expected? We do our best: we think, we reason, we may pummel our brains or seek advice. But there is a better way for us…

Beginning with the account of the death of Lazarus and Jesus’ delay in visiting him until the FOURTH DAY, Steve unpacks why God allows us to face seasons in which He may seem absent and not act in the way we expect. He demonstrates how we can pass through these difficult times with God’s reassuring peace and eternal perspective.

When God Laughs

God laughs and God has fun?

Many of us have been taught, or perhaps through experience have come to believe, that most things to do with God are of a solemn nature. He is God, right? He is the awesome, unfathomable Creator who sits enthroned above the circle of the earth. He is remote, sober, and surpassingly superior in every way and therefore beyond our understanding and incompatible with our notions of humour and fun.

Well, yes and no…

As Steve Hawkins demonstrates from scripture, God has “a hearty laugh and a right royal sense of fun”. As we deepen our understanding of God’s humour, fun and joy, we discover profound implications for our own lives too.

Heaven’s Gold

The ‘Heaven’s Gold’ children’s book is a straightforward-to-use tool to help you explain the good news of Jesus to children and hopefully play a part in introducing them to Him personally.

The parents’ guide explains how the colour pages of the children’s book correspond to key Bible truths and events, and how to encourage the reader to interact with the Gospel message.




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