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BBC Radio Somerset discusses ‘Treasures From a Deep Mine’

BBC Radio Somerset discusses ‘Treasures From a Deep Mine’

Andrew shares about the message of hope, strength and victory found in his mothers talks.

Andrew Daunton-Fear was interviewed on Radio Somerset, on February 21, by presenter Charlie Taylor. Charlie first set the scene about the book being a collection of talks written by Andrew’s late mother, Alison Daunton-Fear, and how Andrew and his sister came about discovering these hand written pieces. Andrew explained how the exciting discovery was actually made 17 years after his mothers passing, while clearing out some old files. He said, “I came across a handwritten script of one of her talks and thought it was very good. I showed my sisters and my elder sister said, ‘are there any more where this came from?'” She searched among old family papers we had never looked at before and eventually discovered more than one hundred scripts dating from the 1930’s.

When asked about Alison’s background and the context of these talks, Andrew shared about the many women’s groups that Alison led over the years, where she would speak. Andrew added, “I felt very strongly that these deserved a wider audience.” He then explained that occasionally she had been able to reach those wider audiences, such as when she would speak over the radio for evening epilogues, after their family emigrated to Australia for a time.

Given that they might be for a wider audience, Charlie went on to ask about what topics the talks cover. Andrew firstly responded by saying that a few of the talks give a real sense of wartime life, with impending invasions and the fear of bombing. He then spoke about some of the broader topics such as, ‘friendship’, ‘living with monotonous work’, ‘building homes’ and ‘prayer’.

Charlie lastly picked up on the overarching theme of hope and asked if that could fit well with today’s difficult circumstances, to which Andrew agreed and began to speak about finding strength, hope and victory in turning to God, which was a theme reflected throughout the talks.

I felt very strongly that these deserve a wider audience.

Andrew Daunton-Fear

About the Book


This book is a collection of 40 talks by Alison Daunton-Fear, a gifted preacher whose ministry spanned a large part of the twentieth century, including during the years of the Second World War. As the Church of England did not allow women to be ordained at that time, she mainly preached to women’s groups, especially the Mothers’ Union, but her powerful sermons speak to us all today. Her work complemented that of her ordained husband Richard, who eventually became an Archdeacon in Australia.

Alison’s talks reflect her radiant Christian faith and beauty of spirit, her extensive knowledge of the Bible, and her deep love and understanding of the needs of humanity. They are concise but packed with spiritual truth with practical application that both challenges and encourages.

Presented as daily readings, each with a scripture to meditate on, this book can be used as a daily devotional (for example, during the 40 days of lent), as a resource for small group studies or as a treasury of teaching material for church leaders.

Treasures from a Deep Mine

Available formats:
ebook (ePub edition)
ebook (Kindle edition)
ebook PDF

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