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Behind the Smiles

Behind the Smiles

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  • How does it feel to leave your country and live amongst people of unfamiliar language and customs?
  • What are the challenges of presenting Jesus in a culture where traditional Christian practices hold no meaning?
  • How can the church reach out to a society which is built on the foundation of a different world view?
  • What is the life of a missionary really like – behind the smiles?

“Behind the Smiles shines the spotlight on mission today … Jane Fucella writes in a simple, engaging style that is both authentic and reflective. Through the stories of fun and tragedy, breakthroughs and setbacks, glorious church and genuine failure, Jane shows us what following Jesus in cross-cultural mission is all about.” – Paul Bendor-Samuel, Executive Director of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies, Former International Director of Interserve

“This book shows how Christian faith lived out in love in a distant culture brings new life, hope and grace where it is so badly needed.”

Rose Dowsett

Former International Chairman, Interserve

“…beautifully written, delightfully illustrated…”

Dr David Smith

Honorary Lecturer, Aberdeen University

About the Author

Jane Fucella

Jane Fucella

Jane was born in Kenya and grew up in Oxfordshire. She trained as a general and then peadiatric nurse and in 1983 visited Thailand for the first time. She and her husband Mike subsequently worked in Thailand together for twenty-two years, initially sent by The Church of Scotland and subsequently by Interserve Scotland. She has two daughters, Rachel and Aylie. Jane and Mike now live in Biggar, Scotland where Mike is minister of their local Church of Scotland Church. Jane remains very involved in cross-cultural mission, and serves on the international council of Interserve.

Author Events

June 2017. Book signing at Tilsley College, Motherwell.

June 2017. Interview on UCB Radio.

May 2017. Book review by OMF.

February 2017. Speaker at Liberton Northfield fellowship.

January 2017. Book signing at Cornerstone Christian Centre in Grove.

January 2017. Speaker at Tweedsmuir Guild.

Endorsements and Reviews

Rose Dowset, Former International Chairman of Interserve

Living and working for the Lord Jesus in a cross-cultural setting is a rich faith-growing experience, but one where we are constantly ambushed by the unexpected or misunderstood. Jane Fucella’s story of her family’s years in Thailand shows how God delights to transform our mistakes and shortcomings, and makes the gospel shine through. This book shows how Christian faith lived out in love in a distant culture brings new life, hope and grace where it is so badly needed. Read; enjoy; pray for Thailand!

Rose Dowsett
Speaker and Author
Former International Chairman of Interserve

Rev. David Lunan, Church of Scotland

Jane Fucella has written a moving, honest, perceptive and humorous account of over twenty years serving the church in Thailand with her husband and two daughters. In their range of roles – nursing, preaching, land development, child protection, teaching, community building, church leadership training, mentoring – Jane narrates tales of heart-breaking sadness and injustice, ‘man’s inhumanity to man’; but also experiences of inspiration and healing, witnessing to the hand and grace of God at work. As the title hints, sometimes appearances belie the reality, and Jane explores some of the difficulties behind cross-cultural and integral mission, and what it means to ‘trust and obey’ completely as a follower of Jesus. What comes through is not only Jane’s desire to ‘bring good news to the poor, and to bind up the broken-hearted, and set people free’, but her unswerving love for God, her deep compassion for people, and her delight in responding to the call of God.

Rev. David Lunan
Former Moderator, Church of Scotland

Dr David Smith, Aberdeen University Lecturer

This is a missionary story the like of which we have never seen before! Beautifully written, delightfully illustrated, it is packed with fascinating detail from lives motivated by the compassion of Jesus in the struggle to live in different cultures and to serve other people. It is funny – at times hilarious – but very honest in relating a significant and highly instructive experience of cross-cultural mission. Jane’s wonderful account will assist a new generation preparing to ‘live on terms set by others’, but it should [also] be read by people in Western churches trying to adjust to the presence of Asian immigrants within their communities and congregations.

Dr David Smith
Honorary Lecturer in Aberdeen University

One Man in the Middle

“[Jane] got involved not just with the church on the ground, but heavily [in] community life. … The love is a 2-way street and this book is overflowing with love for the people that [she] spent time with.”

To read more, click here.

“Through the stories of fun and tragedy, breakthroughs and setbacks, glorious church and genuine failure, Jane shows us what following Jesus in a cross-cultural mission is all about.”

Paul Bendor-Samuel

Former International Director of Interserve

“…moving, honest, perceptive and humorous…”

Revd David Lunan

Former Moderator, Church of Scotland

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