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Best Christian Fiction For Mums

Best Christian Fiction For Mums

'Sapphire beach' gets glowing review from 'The Hope Filled Family'

Sapphire Beach by Maressa Mortimer has been named as one of the ‘Best Christian Fiction Books’ in a recent post by author and blogger Lucy Rycroft from The Hope Filled Family.

Lucy begins speaking from her own experience of forming “decent reading habits”, with the realities of motherhood, energy levels and responsibilities. She reassures the reader that this by no means came about quickly for her and that “by ‘decent’ I don’t even mean every night for half an hour. I mean some nights, for as many minutes as I could muster before falling asleep. Sometimes 30 minutes, sometimes two.”

She encouragers her readers of the unexpected value of reading Christian fiction, stating, “… if you drop a few Christian fiction titles into your repertoire, you’ll find that not only have you enjoyed a bit of indulgent ‘me’ time, but that your eyes have been lifted to your Creator in a totally non-threatening, non-guilt-inducing kinda way.”

Lucy recommends ‘Sapphire Beach’ as “pure, guilt-free holiday reading” for busy parents. She details a short synopsis of the crime-mystery book, which takes one woman Martha, on an unexpected journey to leave her abusive past behind and find hope and healing, on a holiday that leads her to face all of her fears.

Parents are reassured that this book is, “Gripping yet light, this is a very engaging novel, even if you’re short on sleep!”

…pure, guilt-free holiday reading!

Lucy Rycroft

Author, Blogger - The Hope Filled Family

About the Book


Her marriage, in which she experienced domestic violence, is over. As she seeks solace in her new job as a holiday rep, the afflictions of her past still haunt her. Can she find healing and peace in her new life in Crete? With her faith in God, Martha goes on the difficult journey of recovering from her past and finds that with God, all things are possible.

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