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Blogger features ‘Count Our Blessings’ as great springtime reading

Blogger features ‘Count Our Blessings’ as great springtime reading

Limitless Horizon is the latest blog to leave a brilliant review of fiona Linday's book of poems and short stories, 'Count Our Blessings'

Sharon Hazel is a blogger who writes for She explains about the site that,

Limitless Horizon is about seeing possibilities, within your situation, rather than the restrictions. It is about being released by God from fear and constraint into freedom and opportunity!”

In her recent post titled March Share Four Somethings, Sharon shares Something Loved, Something Read, Something Treasured and Something Ahead.

Count Our Blessings is featured as Sharon’s Something Read book. She introduces the book as a blend of poetry and fictional short stories spanning the last two decades. 

“The author uses creative writing to express views on difficult and important issues, with an underlying visible faith. The stories and poems are thought provoking and intermingle with beautiful declarations of spiritual hope.”

Sharon talks about the first short story in the book, Off the Beaten Track, and how it can broaden our horizons to look far beyond our seemingly restricted lockdown world.

“A gentle reminder, through the eyes of a young girl, that there are so many places in the world where choices for women are life-threatening, soul destroying, and restricted. But even in that grim world there is a glimmer of hope with just a little kindness.”

She comments favourably on the book’s mix of different writing styles and concludes,

“It became my accompaniment to my after-dinner cup of coffee. What better way to take a break than with a short story or a poem. This became a book to linger over, and to reflect on, and a prompt to ‘count our blessings.’”

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This became a book to linger over, and to reflect on, and a prompt to ‘count our blessings.’

Sharon Hazel

Blogger, Limitless Horizon

About the Book

Fiona Linday here offers us an insightful collection of her short stories and poems – some fact, some fiction, but all powerful narratives of the world we live in.

Exploring different cultures, different generations, and highlighting inequality, injustice and pain, Fiona nonetheless manages to steer us all in the direction of hope, purpose and life.

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