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Blogger L.G. Jenkins reviews ‘When I Lost Me’

Blogger L.G. Jenkins reviews ‘When I Lost Me’

Titled 'A Tale of Heartbreak and Hope', L.G. Jenkins has written a blog post sharing her honest take on the new Christian novel 'When I Lost me' by Claire Lagerwall

Lydia Jenkins is both a blogger and an author. Writing for her Blog, L.G Jenkins Books, she begins by introducing ‘When I Lost Me‘.

“…a beautifully crafted novel. It follows the lives of two women, cousins, Catherine and Rebecca, both facing their own heartbreaks but who are brought together by hope and faith.”

She speaks into some of the themes found in the book.

“With Catherine’s painful experience of infertility, you found yourself grieving with her, but also questioning her erratic decisions which only added to her realism. I’d recommend this book to anyone seeking a heartwarming story that has a lot to say about how faith works with suffering.”

Lydia praises Lagerwall’s ability to interweave societal and political issues with the lives of her characters, as well as the way she successfully demonstrates how each character would respond in the face of a crisis.

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Lagerwall’s writing is something to be upheld; thought-provoking, emotive, and real, she impressively keeps the reader engaged through three-dimensional characters and interesting plotlines.

L.G. Jenkins


About the Book

We all have secrets. Some we keep to protect others. Some we keep to protect ourselves.

Catherine O’Hall’s married life has become centred around trying to become pregnant – unsuccessfully. But when she discovers the reason why, she feels unable to tell her husband Henry. Instead, after moving to Sicily, she embarks on a secretive course of action, which she is sure she will be forgiven once they have a child.

Rebecca Allwood, along with her husband ‘Tick’, enjoys a successful farming life in South Africa, having a strong Christian faith and working to make a difference in the local community. But a serious of unexplained events lead her to uncover a secret that threatens to take it all away from her.

As Catherine and Rebecca find their stories intertwining, hidden truths will be uncovered that will change their lives forever.

When I Lost Me 3D




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