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Bookaholic reviews ‘Count Our Blessings’

Bookaholic reviews ‘Count Our Blessings’

Count Our Blessings Book Review

Blogger Wendy H. Jones has written a  glowing review of Count Our Blessings by Fiona Linday, stating, “I bring you this book because I loved it on so many levels”.

Wendy acknowleges the books’ subtitle, Short stories of identity and hope, as being highly relevant to us in the current pandemic. “I feel that we can all do with a healthy dollop of hope.” She continues by explaining the way that the book ‘intrigued’ and ‘enticed’ her, causing her to ponder and find an inner strength that she didn’t know that she had.

Both the simple and profound aspects of the book are noted, as well as Fiona’s ability to use every word creatively to bring hope through each piece of writing, drawing the reader closer to God. Wendy also feels that the book’s message is attractive for all generations.

She reassures the reader that this book is one that we can read again and again, and that to do so is in fact is beneficial, to meditate on and relax into.

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I bring you this book because I loved it on so many levels.

Wendy H. Jones

Blogger, Bookaholic

About the Book



Fiona Linday offers us an insightful collection of her short stories and poems – some fact, some fiction, but all powerful narratives of the world we live in. Exploring different cultures, different generations, and highlighting inequality, injustice and pain, Fiona nonetheless manages to steer us all in the direction of hope, purpose and life.




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