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Breakthrough into Recovery launched at Lister Hill Baptist Church

Breakthrough into Recovery launched at Lister Hill Baptist Church

A new self-help book for those struggling with addictions and habitual sins was launched in August.

Breakthrough into Recovery by Rory MaGrath was launched in a special event at Lister Hill Baptist Church.

Rory spoke about his book, which describes his own journey of recovery as well as guiding the reader through a 12-step programme. It can be used as the basis for a recovery group, or by an individual working through the book by themself.

Attendees at the book launch were offered refreshments and the opportunity to buy a signed copy of the book, with some of the proceeds going towards the church.

Most encouraging was the feedback the author has received since the event. He notes that Christians who have been a long time in the church are “giving testimony that the book has really opened their eyes, and as they start to implement some of the suggestions and start to work the programme as set out,  they are having very real breakthroughs in their lives … peace and joy is returning to them.”

About ‘Breakthrough into Recovery’

After 17 years of heavy drinking, Rory MaGrath found freedom from his addiction to alcohol a practical approach that helped him access the power of God. Since then, he has discovered that the principles he learned can bring breakthrough into recovery from all kinds of addictive behaviours, negative characteristics and habitual patterns of sin. Good, clear teaching and real-life examples are aligned with Bible verses to help in recovery, as Rory openly describes his endeavours to fight alcoholism.

“An excellent manual for churches that do not understand how to deal with this problem in their congregations, as well as families facing it at home. [This book will also help those] dealing with other forms of dependency problems such as gambling, smoking and other addictive forms of behaviour.”




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