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Breakthrough into Recovery

Breakthrough into Recovery
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A guide to breaking free from addictions and habitual patterns of sin.

After 17 years of heavy drinking, Rory MaGrath found freedom from his addiction to alcohol a practical approach that helped him access the power of God. Since then, he has discovered that the principles he learned can bring breakthrough into recovery from all kinds of addictive behaviours, negative characteristics and habitual patterns of sin. Good, clear teaching and real-life examples are aligned with Bible verses to help in recovery, as Rory openly describes his endeavours to fight alcoholism.

“An excellent manual for churches that do not understand how to deal with this problem in their congregations, as well as families facing it at home. [This book will also help those] dealing with other forms of dependency problems such as gambling, smoking and other addictive forms of behaviour.”

“[This] will help many struggling with addiction find sobriety, serenity and sanity.”
Trevor Hudson

Methodist minister

“Rory has a passion to see … transformation made available to any who needs it.”
Anne and Paul Lawrence

Former Centre Directors, Ellel Grange

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About the Author

Rory MaGrath

Rory MaGrath

Construction Site Manager

Rory was born in 1972 in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa, and grew up in the province of Natal, in a town called Ladysmith. His father was an Assemblies of God pastor (currently retired) in various South African towns.

Rory was involved in the SCA (Students Christian Association) at school and was made chairman of the SCA in his final year. He then went on to do courses in both Homiletics and Hermeneutics within the church. After completing his military conscrip-tion in the South African Defence Force’s Engineering corps, he studied for three years as a Medical Tech., then after six years switched careers and went into construction. In 2010, he completed a certificate in Bible Theology through SATS (South African Theological Seminary).

Rory married his wife Pauline in May 2009, and they moved to the UK in October 2016. They now reside in Leeds, West Yorkshire, where Rory is actively involved in their local Baptist church, Lister Hill. He works full-time as a Construction Site Manager, whilst in his free time he works to help people overcome various dependencies, as well as continuing to write.

Author Events

July 21st 2018. Book launch at Lister Hill Baptist Church. 10.00 – 13.00. FREE entry.

Endorsements and Reviews

Trevor Hudson, Methodist minister
Having met Rory and heard a little of his story, I am glad that he has now written it down. It will help many struggling with addiction find sobriety, serenity and sanity.

Trevor Hudson
Methodist minister who has served in pastoral roles in southern Africa for over 35 years. Author of multiple books, Hudson travels widely, teaching and lecturing on the areas of spiritual formation, spiritual direction and pastoral therapy.

Prof. Wim Roestenburg PhD
Self-reflection can be a powerful tool towards healing and growth, and helps one gain perspective and insight, and this is exactly what Rory has achieved in this gripping story of the betrayal of alcohol that has caught many people from different walks of life.

Prof. Wim Roestenburg PhD
Professor of B Soc Sc (Social Work) (Currently at NWU; North West University, RSA), MA (Clinical Social Work – Cum Laude), D Litt et Phil (Social Work); non-alcoholic trustee board member of Alcoholics Anonymous South Africa.

Matt Wright, Baptist minister
Rory’s story pulls no punches and is sobering in more ways than one. Read it and be inspired – even transformed, by seeing what happened when Rory began to depend not on alcohol but on Jesus Christ.

Matt Wright
Baptist minister (MA) – Lister Hill Baptist church in Horsforth, Leeds, UK – and author (‘The Roman Road’ and others.)

Anne and Paul Lawrence, Former Centre Directors of Ellel Grange
This book shows the fire Rory has for the Lord and the amazing journey he has been on. It’s a testimony of what God can do in a person’s life. Rory has a passion to see this transformation made available to any who needs it.

Anne Lawrence BA, MA, MBA, PGCE
Paul Lawrence Dip Mgt, MA & MBA 
Former Centre Directors of Ellel Grange – Ellel Ministries (Currently reside in Leeds, UK.)

“…[a] gripping story of the betrayal of alcohol…”
Prof. Wim Roestenburg PhD

Professor of B Soc Sc (Social Work), North West University, RSA

“Rory’s story pulls no punches and is sobering in more ways than one.”
Matt Wright

Baptist minister, Lister Hill Baptist church




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