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Calling Things That Are Not As Though They Were

Calling Things That Are Not As Though They Were

Teaching concerning the nature of faith and the power of our words.

One of the most misunderstood concepts of faith in the Bible is found in Romans 4:17: “God, who quickeneth the dead, AND CALLETH THOSE THINGS WHICH BE NOT AS THOUGH THEY WERE.”

Barb Witt takes us on a journey through the scriptures, showing that this principle is at the heart of many of the greatest moments in Israel’s history, as well as being an important key to Jesus’ ministry. This same principle is still active today and is vital to manifest the promises of God in our lives.

ISBN: 9781907509360 (PB)

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Barb Witt

Barb Witt


Barb Witt is from the southern state of Arkansas in the USA where she enjoyed a record-breaking career in basketball. Still holding scoring records at her high school, she was selected to the All-State and Arkansas High School All Star teams.

Barb continued to play in university on a team ranked 8th nationally in the American Athletic Union. Her Bachelor of Science degree is in Biology/Physical Education with further training in Medical Technology. She is a registered Biomedical Scientist in the UK.

Barb was ordained in 1998 through Faith Ministries International and as an associate has spoken in meetings and churches in the UK and Bermuda. Through her own ministry, she teaches the principles of faith, abundance and victorious Christian living in the Word of God, through meetings, conferences, churches, seminars, Bible schools, prisons and the VICTORIES IN FAITH publication.




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