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Preben Andersen

Preben Andersen is the author of ‘Living Through Lockdown’ and ‘Thought for the Weak, published by Onwards and Upwards Christian Publishers.

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Steve Gravett

Steve Gravett is British author of ‘Glorious End Times for Christians’ and ‘Difficult Questions for Christians’

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Becky Lovatt

Becky Lovatt is a Methodist Deacon living and working in East Devon and author of Metamorphic Lockdown and Beyond the Chocolate Window.

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Trudy Adams

Follow Visit author website Born in 1987, Trudy has always been passionate about the power of words and working with young people. She began what would become her first novel, Desolate Beauty, at 17. It was published in 2009 and...

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Peter Stevenson

Peter Stevenson was ordained in 2000, moving to London in 2009 as a Special Category Minister within the United Reformed Church, and was encouraged to build a new church, a congregation and a community in the Elephant and Castle...

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Fiona Linday

Author of teen novel ‘Get Over It’ and book of short stories and poetry ‘Count Our Blessings’.

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Jim Bryden

Author and Salvation Army Officer, Jim Bryden has served in Scotland, South America, Zimbabwe and England.

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