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Church Times Interview: Ian Donald, Geriatrician

Church Times Interview: Ian Donald, Geriatrician

Author and Geriatrician Ian Donald has been interviewed by Terence Handley MacMath in the latest published edition of the Church Times

“My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather were all doctors in Leith, in Edinburgh — three generations; so medicine was in my genes. My sister also studied medicine and joined my father in his practice.”

Ian introduces his background in the medical profession and shares what attracted him to specialising as a Geriatrician.

Read the full article and learn more about:

  • The benefits of reducing medication
  • The defenition of “frailty”
  • Problems with living longer
  • Faith in the workplace

Ian shares on these topics and much more, as he introduces his latest book With a Light Touch.

I wanted to give permission to older people to say no to another test, another pill.

Ian Donald

Geriatrician, Author

About the Book

We live in an ageing society, and for most of us our final years of life will be spent with a degree of frailty. This book provides a practical guide and a Christian perspective on wise use of healthcare for those living with frailty. It is helpful both to those who are already experiencing how age limits their abilities, and also to those who are becoming involved in healthcare decisions for parents or older relatives.

Dr Ian Donald has been a specialist in the care of older people for over 30 years, and a pioneer for care in the community. He discusses openly the limitations of healthcare, the risks of too many pills and the dangers of a long spell in hospital. He argues that a unique style of healthcare is now emerging, preferable to many, which lies somewhere between hi-tech and comfort-only care.

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