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Do you have a quiet passion inside you to create? Are there dusty dreams of yours hidden away somewhere?

Elisabeth Pike looks at creativity through God’s eyes and through her own creative journey. She is convinced that the gifts that God has put inside each of us are powerful and that the more we share them, the more a touch of the glory of heaven will be spread too.
With encouragement and openness, Elisabeth will bring you on a journey to examine your own heart and desires, to uncover the dreams that God has rooted deep inside you. This book is both bold and nurturing and will encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and into the plans that God has for you.
When we begin the journey, we are coming full circle, back to ourselves and our true purpose: to be who he has made us to be.

Liz Pike writes with passion, spiritual integrity and searing honesty … be inspired and encouraged by the authenticity of Liz’s words, life and testimony…


Carol Herzig

Former Editor of Inspiring Women Every Day

About the Author

Liz Pike lives in Shropshire with her family. She writes short stories, fiction and poetry and teaches creative writing to adults and children. Her work has been published in The Guardian, Third Way, Fractured West, and in JUNO magazine amongst others. Liz has previously worked as a bookseller and librarian and has a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Goldsmiths University, London.


Successful book launch event for ‘Circles’

Successful book launch event for ‘Circles’

Around 40 people gathered to celebrate the official launch of Circles, a book exploring creativity and faith. Guests had the opportunity to meet the author behind the inspiring book, Liz Pike,  who did a short reading as well as a Q & A session.A free...

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Endorsements and Reviews

Colin Brice, Founder and Leader of Eden People

In this book Liz uses her own life story and situation to bring the true heart of a creative person into focus. The highs and lows, the struggles and breakthroughs, are woven into this book to help support, inspire and give life to the creative nature in the reader. Liz describes true life situations that she has had to navigate to pursue a ‘God-given’ calling and gift. She has remembered and recorded some precious moments of her life journey to share. This book can stimulate latent creative yearnings and awaken some to the creative potential they have or carry, especially in a faith-based setting where creative expression is not always seen as a ‘valid’ part of faith. In places you can sense the creative heart of God literally speaking/ calling/shouting to the reader to explore, create, continue and wrestle with carrying creative burdens and ideas they have.

Colin Brice
Founder and Leader of Eden People

Rebecca Hitch, Musician and Writer
I first read a draft of Liz’s book when I was in the murky depths of early years motherhood. To say the book was timely is an understatement. Despite the obvious joys of parenthood, I had lost myself in raising three children under the age of four. As a musician and writer, I struggled not to resent motherhood for depriving me of the creative flow that is fundamental to my being. Liz’s book brought such perspective, hope and challenge. She had written what was in my heart with an eloquence that I do not possess. Liz’s book is a call to all those creatives feeling lost under the pressures of motherhood. Her writing will revitalise your creative practice with the combined sharpness of an academic mind; and the warmth of a good friend who has just made you a well-needed cup of tea. You won’t regret reading it. Rebecca Hitch Musician and Writer
Joy Ahearn, Leader of Guildford Community Church
Elisabeth has faithfully persevered through challenges, struggles and trials to develop and express her creative gift. Recounting her experiences with honesty and vulnerability, she calls and encourages us all to discover our own unique, God-given creativity and significance. Whilst written with particular encouragement in the area of creativity, this book contains lessons and encouragements for us all to step out and grow in all that God calls us to be. Joy Ahearn Leader of Guildford Community Church
Peter Wilkinson, Pastor, Teacher and Writer

Liz Pike’s encouragement for us to pursue our creative dreams and find ways of expressing them is a creative work of art in itself. It follows her life in Guildford and Shrewsbury as a struggling young Mum (now with four children), her second child being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and her husband, also a creative musician, also struggling to make ends meet. Yet through it all there is the same quiet, compelling call to creativity, which Liz shares with us. Her children and life are part of this, in a background which often seems to work against any time at all for creative expression. Each chapter nevertheless includes one or more of her poems which arise out of the often perplexing cross-currents of her life. The book is a treasure trove of many wonderful quotations from a wide range of writers on the mystery of creativity. At the same time, the book is full of practical suggestions, the more convincing because arising from her own life as described in the book. And through everything there is the encouragement that listening and giving expression to the creative gift within us is what God calls us to, as underlined by frequent references to the scriptures, brought to life by the new context in which they are placed. This thread running throughout the book rises to a glorious climax in the closing lines of the final chapter: triumphant without being triumphalistic. Liz has provided a great service to everyone who has ever wondered if they have a creative gift inside them but has lacked the courage to pursue it. A copy of this book should be close to hand to each of us.

Peter Wilkinson
Pastor, Teacher and Writer

Rev. Richard Spencer, Team Vicar All Saints’ Church, Ashdon
Circles is a book that will grab you and draw you in to a world of creativity. Liz uses her life experiences to draw the parallels between creativity and parenthood, in that in both we beget a being that is of us, but which has a life of its own. Expressing the profound life-giving nature of the creative process in a book (which itself is so creative) is a gift to anyone who feels the stirring of the creative urge. Buy this book and be inspired. Rev. Richard Spencer Team Vicar All Saints’ Church, Ashdon
Carol Herzig, Teacher; former Editor of Inspiring Women Every Day and Freelance Writer
Liz Pike writes with passion, spiritual integrity and searing honesty. She not only describes her own personal journey in embracing creativity but draws on the wisdom of well-loved poets and writers to explore the ambiguities and joys of the art of writing. Her poetry, which resonates with Celtic spirituality, expresses wonderfully the moments of inspiration and struggle of everyday life, in beautiful imagery and imaginative use of language. It has been a privilege to accompany Liz on her creative journey over the past ten years and to witness how, against so many odds, including the increasing challenges and demands of motherhood, she has made space for the seeds of creativity within her to grow, blossom and bear fruit – not just in this book and other published writing, but in the lives of many others. A commissioned writer myself, I read Circles at a time when my confidence had waned and I lacked the courage to take on a bigger writing challenge. Liz’s words were exactly what I needed for God to speak again to me: that if I didn’t write what I had inside me, who else would? I encourage you to read Circles with an open heart and mind, and to receive the creative call yourself. May you be inspired and encouraged by the authenticity of Liz’s words, life and testimony – and may the wonderful Creator’s glory shine through you. Carol Herzig Teacher; former Editor of Inspiring Women Every Day and Freelance Writer

Liz has provided a great service to everyone who has ever wondered if they have a creative gift inside them but has lacked the courage to pursue it.

Peter Wilkinson

Pastor, Teacher and Writer

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