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Come Away With Me

Come Away With Me

A 3-month daily devotional

This 90-day devotional is an excellent resource to help us effectively engage with the Bible every day.

Ruth Gregg, Director of Impact Unlimited Bible College, draws our attention each day to a scripture, then clearly explains its meaning by relating it to our experiences in today’s culture. Sometimes fun, always insightful, these short daily notes lead to a powerful application each day, helpful us to grow into greater maturity in our relationship with the Lord.

Available formats:
ebook (ePub edition)
ebook (Kindle edition)
ebook PDF

About the Author

Ruth Gregg

Ruth Gregg

Ruth has been involved in ministry for the past thirty years. She holds a B.D. from Queens University, a Doctorate in Biblical Studies from CLU, has released various print publications, and currently resides in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. She is director of Impact Unlimited Bible College and CTTW, a 24/7 global prayer initiative.
Her passion is to inspire others through writing in a way that is insightful, meaningful and relevant. In the Times of Refreshing devotionals, she taps into her experiences as a pastor, teacher, wife and mother of two, to relate poignant stories from real-life experiences.




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