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Creativity and the gospel: An interview with Margaret Brewer, author of The Father’s Heart in Flowers.

Creativity and the gospel: An interview with Margaret Brewer, author of The Father’s Heart in Flowers.

An interview with Margaret Brewer, author of The Father's Heart in Flowers.

We chatted to Margaret Brewer about the inspiration behind her book The Father’s Heart in Flowers. We pray that you’re inspired by what she shares!

What first inspired you to write it?

I have been using Floral Art to tell the gospel story for many years. So why the book? People who have seen the presentation for the first time often tell me they have never seen anyone give a gospel message in flowers before Also people from other countries have been interested in it. A Polish lady visiting this country, after seeing the presentation shared it with her church when she returned home. Also an Indian lady went home for a holiday to India, she was asked how they evangelised in England, and she told them about the flower presentations. I understand there was an article printed in the local newspaper. So it made me think that this way of presenting the gospel could be of interest even in other countries. As I am getting older and have my limitations I thought if I put the message in book form, and managed to get it published we could reach more people with the ‘Gospel in Flowers’.

What has been your favourite part of the book writing process so far?

To start the process I find a subject I can depict in flowers i.e; Jesus said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’ Then I look up all the Bible references on the words, Way, Truth and Life. This way of studying the Bible has taught me so much. The whole process has been enjoyable and a great learning curve, but seeing the finished book was my favourite moment. Onwards and Upwards have done a fantastic job.

How do you hope your book will encourage others?

I hope this book will encourage others to:

Come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.

To find a deeper walk with Him.

To see scripture as somewhere they can find Joy, Peace, Beauty, Love and a reason for living, rather than thinking it is old fashioned and full of do’s and don’ts.

4 To inspire other Christians to share the gospel in this way.

Why do you think it’s important to look at the Bible using creative mediums, such as Flower arranging?

I think we all have our gifts and to use them for His glory is what we are designed to do. We cannot all stand in front of a church and preach, but we can use whatever we have. People enjoy the beauty of flowers, they can sit and relax as they watch the floral art take shape, whilst at the same time hearing the gospel. I do believe using a creative medium such as flowers acts as a visual aid in remembering the message.

If you were to give one piece of advice to a novice flower arranger what would it be?


As well as the shape and design of your arrangement, think of colour. Use colours that blend,  go well together and enhance.

Go for it. Be Creative and Enjoy!

A huge thank you to Margaret for chatting to us!


Margaret Brewer

Margaret Brewer


In The Father’s Heart in Flowers, Margaret Brewer discusses her passion for flowers and how she uses them to share her faith in God. The collection of delightful paintings and reflections offers an insight into the art of flower arranging and how it can be used to express the gospel. 

The devotional-style book guides us through the scriptures. Each commentary is accompanied by a beautiful illustration of a flower arrangement, offering a fresh perspective on biblical stories and principles. 

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