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Developing Your Prophetic Gift

Developing Your Prophetic Gift

This Training Course Manual contains all the teaching from my School for Prophecy level 1 course, Developing Your Prophetic Gift. It will help you better understand the biblical gift of prophecy, hear more clearly from Father for yourself and others, and give and receive prophetic words using biblical principles. The course lays foundations for prophecy’s proper use, dispels its more common myths, misnomers and misunderstandings, and reveals it full potential as a practical body ministry.

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“…enriching, stimulating, inspiring and faith-stretching.”

Alan Baker

Retired Senior Pastor, King’s Church, Southampton

About the Author

Mark Iles

Mark Iles

Founder, Schools for Prophecy

Mark has been in prophetic ministry for over 25 years now. He has been leading and teaching on Schools of Prophecy, teaching at conferences and mentoring the prophetic, most of that time. He currently works with Churches in the UK and Overseas on a relational basis providing strategic teaching, prophetic ministry and mentoring support.

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Endorsements and Reviews

Rob Gardiner, Senior Pastor, Network Vineyard Church

It is rare to find both a practitioner of prophecy (or any charismatic gift) who can also train and develop others in it. Having worked with Mark over many years, I can testify to both qualities in him. He has both a deep gift and is a humorous teacher who has combined those qualities into a holistic discipleship process. His training goes beyond simply learning how to prophesy, to understanding how to develop a prophetic ministry that will stand the test of time.

Rob Gardiner
Senior Pastor, Network Vineyard Church

Simon Orton, Senior Pastor

Mark has brought over thirty years of proven prophetic lifestyle together in an accessible and easy-to-read handbook. Like the author, you will be inspired to pursue the marriage of belief and practice in pursuing this important spiritual gift.

Simon Orton, Senior Pastor


Graham Cooke

This manual is full of wisdom, truth, principles and values for growing up into all things in Christ. It is packed with practical guidelines that will empower people to study the prophetic in the context of being children of God learning to become mature in the Spirit.

Graham Cooke



Rev. Paul Brookes, Vice Dean of Jersey

The Apostle Paul tells us to “eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy”. Mark takes this biblical statement seriously in his own life, and now his many years of prophetic ministry and equipping the saints (from which we have benefitted in Jersey) can serve a wider audience through the practical teaching and wisdom in these pages – I commend this excellent manual.

Paul Brookes (Rev.)
Minister of St. Paul’s Church and Vice Dean of Jersey

Michael Norman, Rector, St. Saviour’s

Mark has many years of experience teaching prophecy and knows the joys and struggles that this brings. This manual brings this experience together in a very biblical, practical and balanced way. Mark makes the area of prophecy accessible for the ordinary church member. I highly recommend it to all.

Michael Norman
Rector of St. Saviour’s, Bath

Alan Baker, Retired Senior Pastor, King’s Church

What a useful manual; I wish I’d had this 40 years ago! I’m very happy to recommend my good friend, Mark, and his biblically based teaching. It’s well illustrated with Mark’s personal experience giving helpful insights to his own journey in giving and receiving prophecy. Each section has its own Q&A ending, which is so important because it shows our questions are not unique! I have found Mark’s teaching enriching, stimulating, inspiring and faith-stretching.

Alan Baker
Senior Pastor of King’s Church, Southampton [1980-2003]. Now retired.

David Bacon, Vicar

As an Anglican and still relatively new to the things of the Spirit, I came expecting to be challenged and to be scared! I was certainly challenged but Mark lived up to his word – it wasn’t scary or weird. The teaching was excellent, solidly biblical and delivered with challenge and humour … This course is for anyone who ‘eagerly desires’ the gift of prophecy.

David Bacon, Vicar

Diana Stievenard

I have had the privilege of teaching alongside Mark Iles on Schools for Prophecy. This manual is truly inspirational and an exceptionally valuable tool to aid anyone in their gift of prophecy. Together with Mark’s sense of humour and honesty, the depth, clarity, biblical truths and revelation encompassed herein make this manual a joy and delight to read.

Diana Stievenard

“…biblical, practical and balanced…”

Michael Norman

Rector, St. Saviour’s, Bath

“[Mark] has both a deep gift and is a humorous teacher…”

Rob Gardiner

Senior Pastor, Network Vineyard Church

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