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Diagnosing Ills and Ailments of Relationships

Diagnosing Ills and Ailments of Relationships

Christian teaching about maintaining healthy relationships in dating and marriage.

Relationships are the building blocks of any society because the children raised from our homes will eventually become the leaders of tomorrow. If this foundation is not laid properly, there are bound to be lasting deficits in the society at large.

Diagnosing Ills and Ailments of Relationships will tell you how to deal with your past as well as fulfil your marital destiny. If you’re unsure about your current relationship, this book can equip you with the necessary truth to become the Doctor of your own relationship. If you are a husband or wife and you need a revitalisation of your marriage, this book is also for you.

ISBN: 9781907509209 (PB)

Available formats:
ebook (ePub edition)
ebook (Kindle edition)
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Dr Adedeji Majokodunmi

Dr Adedeji Majokodunmi


Dr Adedeji Majekodunmi is a graduate of Imperial College School of Medicine, London who has a keen interest in seeing relationships restored to health. He gave his life to Christ in his first year at university and has since remained a born-again Christian. At the initial writing of this book, he was a single person engaged to Oluwadolapo Ajayi. He currently practises as a medical doctor in the UK and is a member of Covenant Life Ministries International Church.




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