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Driffield and Wolds Weekly reports on “Vicky’s incredible journey”

Driffield and Wolds Weekly reports on “Vicky’s incredible journey”

Vicky Meyer's Second World War themed book launch attracted journalist James Richardson.

“In Vicky’s Journey from East to West, Vicky, who is 85 years old tells the story of how after being born to missionary parents, she spent the first nine years of her life in Chefoo, a seaside town in northern China, until Pearl Harbour and the beginning of World War Two in Asia. For the next few years, Vicky’s family were forced into a Japanese concentration camp…”

The newspaper notes the significant timing of the launch of Vicky’s story:

“With the 73rd anniversary of VJ falling tomorrow, an event took place on Saturday … to launch a new book which charts the life of village Vicky Meyer.”

The report mentions that visitors were drawn to the launch from outside the village, and the Bishop of Bradford, David James, was in attendance. Describing the event, Richardson goes on to report:

“Vicky answered questions and delivered readings from her memoirs as well as [sic.] signing copies of the book. Refreshments were served whilst music  from the wartime era was played and photographs and memorabilia were on display to give the event a feel of reunion, nostalgia, education and fun…”



About the Book

Vicky Meyer (a.k.a. Grace Ann Chalkley) spent her early childhood in China, during which time the Japanese Army invaded Pearl Harbour, and foreigners in China were now considered enemies of Japan. As a result, Vicky’s school were first required to remain in the school compound, and then later taken to the same concentration camp as Olympic athlete Eric Liddell.

After surviving the War, Vicky went on to become a stall holder in London’s world-famous Portobello Road. She experienced joys and sorrows of family life, and eventually arrived in the picturesque village of Thixendale, set in the undulating countryside of the Yorkshire Wolds.

Vicky’s story is one of courage, hope and the faithfulness of God through all circumstances.

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