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Eleven Plus Without the Fuss

Eleven Plus Without the Fuss

A guide for parents about Secondary School education options in the north-east Surrey area.

Secondary school selection has never been so complex. The range of schools – academies, faith schools, voluntary-aided, free schools, etc. has never been greater. In addition, competition for places at academically selective state grammar and independent schools is higher than ever.

This book is a groundbreaking step-by-step guide to help parents navigate the maze of choices. Supported by articles written by parents, head teachers and inspectors, issues such as ‘how to choose a school’, single sex or co-ed, state or private, the Prep School system and Common Entrance, bursaries, scholarships and recognising a learning difficulty are covered objectively and sensitively. Children’s development, emotional and spiritual well-being are recognised and a whole section is devoted to help parents keep it in perspective!

Step-by-step introduction to verbal and non-verbal reasoning techniques
11 plus knowledge base – vocabulary list, subject areas and Maths principles
Tutoring Action Plans – 11 plus in 11 months, 11 weeks and 11 days
List of useful resources – books, papers and websites
Interview techniques and practice questions
Parent Planner for efficient organisation of the school application process
Pupil Planner to help children organise their use of practice papers
Local schools directory for NE Surrey
ISBN: 9781907509520 (PB)

Available formats:

Tim and Anita Hill

Tim and Anita Hill


Anita Hill is a state school teacher who has tutored children for entrance exams for ten years. Tim Hill is an IT Consultant and part-time University Lecturer. They run, where you can find details of tutoring, local mock-tests and workshops for year 5/6 pupils. Tim and Anita show how to apply Christian values to the process of seeking educational opportunities for children.




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