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Enjoying Later Life

Enjoying Later Life

Practical advice for Senior Citizens.

“God has been working on you for years. He’s proud of you. You are not winding down – the world thinks that. You are coming to a culmination of fruitfulness… get your mind set on that!”

Elspeth Jackman has been a radio presenter and writer for many years and in this latest work she writes with great practicality and down-to-earth advice on how to make the most of life after 60. Enjoying Later Life is written with a humorous touch and light style that will appeal to the growing millions who have more time and opportunities than any previous generation.

This book will encourage you to see the opportunities and pleasure that later life can offer. It also deals in a sensitive and positive way with the loneliness that can accompany these years. You will be refreshed with new expectancy and vision as you absorb the anecdotes and encouragement this work offers.

ISBN: 9781907509445 (PB)

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Elspeth Jackman

Elspeth Jackman

Elspeth Jackman has had several phases of life, each with a creative slant.
After four years as a children’s librarian, she had several books published and then edged into full-time broadcasting in Nottingham.

Marriage and a daughter came next, and painting in watercolours on commission.
The opportunity came to take on her own business of pre-school music and this expanded to 37 classes (500 children per week).

Now a widow of 11 years, she paints in oils, presents four hours of programmes on local radio, sings in the local operatic society and enjoys her large and fruitful garden.




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