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Exquisite Jesus

Exquisite Jesus

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An in-depth look at the person of Jesus, and how his life still challenges us today.

When we encounter Jesus, we find that his life is full of paradoxes. He is great yet vulnerable; human yet divine; born, but of a virgin; the Life, yet he died; without sin yet suffered divine punishment; ascended to Heaven yet always with us; followed by some but rejected by others.

In short, Jesus is exquisite: beautiful, lovely, superb, valuable, delicate, priceless, beyond description and more.

This book looks at these and other paradoxes and tries to unravel just who Jesus is and what His life means for us today. As you read through these pages, you will find yourself falling in love with Him again – or maybe even meet Him for the first time.

When Keith met God, everything changed. Having grown up in a home of broken dreams, spiritualism and divorce, he found himself on a new path with a new hope. Hearing the call of God soon after, he began to aim his life in service of the King.

With many years of pastoral and church leadership experience, Keith’s practical wisdom unfolds through everything he does. Privileged to serve as the Lead Pastor of Life Church, a thriving Elim Pentecostal Church in Chelmsford, he seeks to honour God in everything he does.

Keith is a dynamic leader and a speaker renowned for his articulate and humorous communication style. He is passionate about bringing people into a deeper relationship with Christ through practically applying the Word of God to daily life.
Keith has lived in South Africa, the Isle of Man and England. He is married to Barbie and they reside in Essex, South East England.

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