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Faith Food for Every Day

Faith Food for Every Day

A beautiful daily devotional, including two Bible reading plans and practical daily messages from Charles and Joyce Sibthorpe.

A beautiful daily devotional, endorsed by a wide range of well known Christian leaders.

Each day you will find a message that will encourage your faith, help with the challenge of the day ahead, and stir you to develop your personal relationship with God. These messages appeared first as “Word for the Week” sent by email around the world and published on

Available formats:

“Caught for time – but would like a Scripture and brief focus each day – to nourish as well as provide a challenge? Then this publication is designed just for you.”

Gerald Coates

Founder, Pioneer

“…born out of the reality … that God’s word really works when acted upon in everyday life.”

Clive Urquhart

Senior Pastor, Kingdom Faith Church, Horsham

“Those who read these devotionals will find faith to overcome and light up their world everyday.”

Rev. Jean Darnall

Church on the Way

“…powerful, positive and persuasive … full of life, faith-building, exciting and challenging.”

Don Double

Founder, Good News Crusade

“God’s word comes alive as they share their hearts and their stories…”

Dr. Tony Dale

Author of ‘Renewing The Mind’, Co-author of ‘Small is Big’

“Always fresh, filled with a faith which works in everyday life.”

Dr Anders Gerdmar

Associate Professor in New Testament Exegesis, Uppsala University

“These daily readings capture a heavenly perspective relevant for the real world; addressing life issues in everyday language.”

Martyn & Linda Smith

Vinelife UK

“…practical and relevant for Christians living in today’s world.”

Ray Wilson CBE

Retired member of the Management Committee of Airbus s.a.s.

“I highly recommend this devotional as a resource that will uplift, strengthen and enlarge your heart in your daily pursuit of Jesus.”

Wesley Hall

Provost, International House of Prayer University

“This book is yet another brilliant gift from God to inspire us all to sustained intimacy with our loving God.”

Jarrod Cooper

Senior Leader, New Life Church, Kingston upon Hull

“I would thoroughly recommend this book to be incorporated in your daily lives.”

Ian Andrews, Author and Minister

“…this wonderful book will draw many into deeper intimacy with God.”

Nancy Goudie

Director of NGM

“I have experienced the hearts of these two amazing saints, and what they write,they really live, and I have always found their ‘lives and word’ trustworthy!”

Bishop Harry S Wescott

Presiding Bishop of “The International Communion of Charismatic Churches”

“Charles and Joyce … take significant biblical phrases, images or ideas … and bring them to life with a spiritual skill and insight that draws out their significance and gives it to us the reader as a gift to carry throughout the day nourishing and empowering us.”

Noel Moules

hristian Teacher and Activist, Author of ‘Fingerprints of Fire … Footprints of Peace.’

Charles and Joyce Sibthorpe

Charles and Joyce Sibthorpe


Charles and Joyce believe in the promise of Jesus to give abundant life to those who love and follow Him. They have five married children and eighteen grandchildren who themselves are working out life with all its demands and challenges.

They were married in 1965 and began their as a couple life leading a youth group in Cornwall which grew in number and experienced a life-giving move of the Holy Spirit. They moved to Sussex to join Colin Urquhart at the Hyde where they lived and worked for eight years. In 1987 they moved to the Bristol area; at this time Charles was ministering widely in the UK and in mainland Europe. They pioneered Living Waters Church and Eagle Camp and this became their main ministry focus for the 90’s.

They have written several books and are always reaching out to experience more of God at work in their own lives and in those who they meet in the course of life. It is from this wide experience of family life, church, leadership and personal ministry that material for this book has been drawn.

They have a FaceBook Page – Charles and Joyce – to which you can subscribe, they use Twitter @CharlesJoyce222 to communicate with their followers. They have developed these new forms of social media because they want to reach every age and generation.

Their website contains teaching podcasts, the Word for the Week, their Newsletter which gives more news of their current activities. The Books written by Charles and Joyce which can be bought online, and their latest posts on FaceBook and Twitter. A fresh Word for the Week is written each week and will still be sent out every Wednesday. You can subscribe on the website.




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