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Fragments of the Awesome

Fragments of the Awesome

Poetry by John Hulme, expressing a childlike dependence on our heavenly Father.

“When scripture says God made us in His own image, it seems clear to me that this is a reference to the human capacity for intimacy – magical, precious intimacy, woven on many spiritual, emotional and physical levels – the hug of souls where we truly come alive. He does not see us as ‘only human’ because that humanity is awesomely beautiful to Him.

A lot of us like to think we get this, only to find that phrase ‘only human’ jabbing at us from all sides. Try ‘gloriously human’ and feel the cartwheels He turns in your heart.”

– John Hulme
In this book of poetry and testimony, John Hulme reveals to us his daily walk with Jesus. Sharing openly his intimate and personal thoughts and feelings, we see how the Holy Spirit breaks into the mundane and makes every experience one of wonder and relationship.

ISBN: 9781907509728 (PB)

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John Hulme

John Hulme


John Hulme has always been a writer. Having felt spiritually driven throughout his life, he discovered the truth of his relationship with God after the death of his mother; when the core of his life collapsed, the love of Christ flooded in.




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