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Free book launch event tomorrow in Knutsford

Free book launch event tomorrow in Knutsford

The free pre-publication launch for Rob Cotton’s book Hope in the Main Street will be held at the Knutsford Heritage Centre on Saturday 9th June at 11am.

Do come along to get an early signed copy of the book.

In Hope in the Main Street, Rev. Rob Cotton demonstrates how our churches can engage with the community around, building relationships that enable social action, presenting the teachings of the Bible in ways that contemporary audiences can relate to and presenting Christianity as genuine good news.

Rob has led a number of churches, as well as being Senior Campaign Manager at Bible Society and on the leadership teams for national campaigns such as Hope 08, Biblefresh and The 2011 Trust (celebrating the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible). From the humorous to the heartbreaking, these stories from his years of ministry will equip you, encourage you and challenge you to bring ‘hope on the main street’.


‘Meet the author’ event to take place in Matlock

Rob Cotton, author of Hope in the Main Street will be speaking at an event at Steep Turnpike Evangelical church in Matlock.Come along at 7 p.m on Wednesday 1st May and be inspired as Rob shares his passion for local churches to become active in their...

Sapphire present ‘Our Life in Music’ at book launch

The local launch of the book Hope in the Main Street will be held on Friday 5th October, 2018 at Whiston Village Hall, at 7.30 pm.  Come along to get your signed copy of the book and hear the band present “Our Life in Music”.

Hope in the Main Street at Congleton Bible Weekend

If you are attending the Congleton Bible Weekend this year, don't miss the opportunity to hear Rob Cotton, author of Hope in the Main Street, sharing the testimony behind his book. What? Rev Ian Coffey will be the speaker, taking as his theme,...

Knutsford Celebrates Hope in the Main Street

Hope in the Main Street by Rob Cotton was published on 1st July, 2018. Part of the book focusses on how the church in Knutsford have engaged with their local community to offer practical Christian love, support and social action. The book has been profiled...

Freddie Kofi to feature at book event

Freddie Kofi will be appearing at a book event to celebrate the publication of Hope in the Main Street by Rob Cotton. The event will be hosted by Arnold Methodist Church on 2nd July 2018, at 7.45pm. All are welcome! About the Book Rev. Rob...

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