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Free Will

Free Will

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God's Choice - Our Choice

This book considers the implications of God’s decision to grant freedom of choice to all humankind, and seeks to address questions such as: What exactly is free will? Why did God grant humankind free will? If humankind has free will, who is in charge, God or humans?

Using both real life experiences and hypothetical scenarios, A. E. Mitchell offers helpful explanations backed up with Scripture, for those who have puzzled over the relationship between God and evil. These are helpful suggestions as to how Christians can understand God’s responses to prayer, interpret the Bible, deal with concepts such as fairness, forgiveness and judgement, and address issues such as sex and war.

“A very useful and insightful book answering some often very challenging questions that many of us face…”

Revd Alex Baxter

St Barnabas Church, Bexhill-on-Sea

About the Author

A. E. Mitchell

A. E. Mitchell

Anthony was born in London but spent most of his youth in Sussex, before moving overseas where he trained to become a Maths teacher. After nearly ten years teaching he returned to the UK where he studied for and was awarded a Ph.D.

A churchgoer from a young age, Anthony attended a variety of churches whilst overseas, but only really came to realise that there was more to Christianity than attending church when he returned to England. He attended religious festivals on a regular basis, always leaving with a number of Christian books to read. He now has an extensive library of Christian literature.

Anthony has also started a charity that raises funds for a community in East Africa. This work has led him to identify new ways of generating finances, including establishing himself as an author.

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Endorsements and Reviews

The Reverend Canon Paul Seaman

Anthony Mitchell has written a very accessible and helpful book in which he explores some essential ideas in relation to the Christian faith and life. He presents his thinking in a very straightforward way, drawing on biblical references and different ways of thinking within the Christian tradition. He explores some of these difficult tensions when seeking to understand God’s will and purposes as opposed to our human will and nature. People of faith and of no faith will find this book an interesting read and it will help them in their ongoing exploration of these important matters of life and death.

The Reverend Canon Paul Seaman
Vicar, St Mary’s, East Grinstead

Revd Alex Baxter

A very useful and insightful book answering some often very challenging questions that many of us face in whatever sphere of modern life we inhabit; helpfully supported scripturally, and not avoiding difficult topics, or glossing over them or drowning them in hyperbole.

A welcome addition to any bookshelf and probably very engaging set as a lent or advent study group text.

A very reassuring book for Christians who will undoubtedly meet head on many of the questions raised in their ongoing pastoral encounters.

Revd Alex Baxter
Priest, St Barnabas Church, Bexhill-on-Sea

“People of faith and of no faith will find this book an interesting read…”

The Reverend Canon Paul Seaman

St Mary’s, East Grinstead




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