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‘Glorious End Times For Christians’ is featured as ‘Book of the Month’

‘Glorious End Times For Christians’ is featured as ‘Book of the Month’
Prophetic Witness Magazine
Magazine Review

Prophetic Witness Magazine has featured Steve Gravett's latest book in a full page article, as its 'Book of the Month'.

Colin Le Noury, who also wrote the book’s Foreword, has highly endorsed the work. He begins with an acknowlegement, that,

“The Book of Revelation is often avoided through a dread and fear of the graphic predications which it contains. This is understandable where unbelievers are concerned.  However, for the Christian it is and exciting book of joy and hope. Glorious End Times For Christians by Steve Gravett, aims to capture that hope.”

Having been associated with the book for a while, Colin says that the book has met all his expectations,

“The book is well produced and the content is stimulating, edifying and at times, quite challenging.”

He goes on to explain the things that he has personally appreciated the most,

“I like the author’s use of historical facts and scientific data, which helps to illuminate the text, which is presented in a very easy to read style.”

Colin writes more about the way that Steve has chosen to structure the book, which ends essentially back at the beginning.

“This use of flashback is done to good effect and sets the work apart from other books on the subject.”


The full article can be found in the May 2021 edition of Prophetic Witness magazine.

The book deserves to be well read, and I can highly recommend it, confident that the reader will be both edified and blessed as a result.
Colin Le Noury

Prophetic Witness Magazine

About the Book


The book of Revelation is one of the most exciting and absorbing books in the Bible. It contains the most horrific events in the history of the world that are coming soon for those who have rejected Jesus Christ, but also unveils the most glorious and incredibly exciting future that is waiting for born again Christians.

Whilst scholars have debated this book for two millennia, it was written for ordinary, uneducated people to understand, and to motivate us to take the Great Commission seriously. With this in mind, Steve explains in simple terms the future of Israel, the rapture of born again Christians, the return and reign of Jesus Christ, and the essential task of taking the gospel to every nation in our generation.

Glorious End Times 3D Cover


1st July 2021

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