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Go to Grow

Go to Grow

A book that explains why every believer would benefit from participating on a short term mission.

One of the great needs we have in the West is for deeper discipleship amongst believers. Another need is for those believers to be motivated for mission on a daily basis.

With 24 years of mission leadership experience, David McDougall has observed that short-term missions benefit not only the target communities but also nurtures spiritual maturity and growth in those who participate on the missions and prepares them for greater service in their local church.

David believes that every person has something to offer on a missions team and shows, with practical and often amusing examples, how the lives of team members can be transformed through the experience.

This book is a ‘must read’ for anybody serious about fulfilling the great commission. With practical examples, exercises and advice, it is a useful resource on both a congregational and individual level.

ISBN: 9781907509605 (PB)

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David McDougall

David McDougall


David McDougall an Anglican Church planter and evangelist living in Sunbury Middlesex. David is married to Kim with three grown up children.

At present he lives in Sunbury where he has planted St Saviours Anglican Church which has grown from 50-350 in 10 years and is presently the Area Dean of Spelthorne.

David is known for his great enthusiasm and unstoppable love for Jesus. He travels widely, believing that mission needs to be at ëhome and awayí. He has been in Anglican ministry for 25 years and is one of J Johnís Philo Trust Associate Evangelists. He is also a SOMA (Sharing of Ministries Abroad) Team Leader and is one of the founder members of the Archbishop of Canterburyís College of Evangelists.

Over 25 years he has taken many people on short term mission to places all over the world, but has especially concentrated on visits to Ukraine and Uganda.




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