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Godventure writes encouraging review

Godventure writes encouraging review

Daniel's Painting has been praised by blogger Victoria Beech

GodVenture was developed by Victoria Beech to give parents inspiration and resources to do faith at home together. As part of this mission, she reviews Christian books for families, and has recently reviewed ‘Daniel’s Painting’ by David Houghton, an illustrated children’s book for children aged 3 – 8 years old. 

Each review details the best bit and the worst bit:

Best bit: I love the simple layout with pictures on one page and the text on a paint blob opposite, plus way the Grandad talks about Daniel’s painting.

Worst bit: It made me sad thinking of all the grand parents who’ve not seen their grand children for so long.

Victoria explains a short synopsis of the story and points out the running theme of the importance of encouragement.

“His Grandad visits and encourages him. (Grandad is called Barnabas, which means ‘Encourager’.)

Brilliant book for chatting about how we can encourage each other and the effect encouragement has on us.

Victoria Beech

Blogger, Creator of Godventure

About the Book

Daniel’s Painting

The Value of Encouragement.

Daniel loves painting pictures. One day he paints a really good one, and shows it proudly to each member of his family. But they are busy with other things. Then his Grandad Barnabas arrives and everything changes.

This beautifully illustrated book for children aged 5-7 teaches the value of encouragement.

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