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Heather Wilson

Heather Wilson

Introducing Heather Wilson

Born in 1975, Heather Wilson spent her earliest years with her nose stuck in a book or playing in the Cheshire countryside. She was regularly in trouble for reading instead of helping around the house! She enjoyed creative writing at school and received an award for English, aged 12.

Heather went to London University to study Pharmacy and met her husband in the first week there. She went on to work as a hospital pharmacist, specialising in mental health, before they sold everything and travelled round the world together.

Now they are settled in beautiful Dorset with two awesome children, two cute rabbits and, of course, an adorable guinea pig. As well as looking after her family, Heather works as a carer, helping people live independently in their own homes.

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Books by Heather Wilson

Nin studied Michael with bright eyes. You should accompany me on my Expedition. You are an Explorer. Why else would you arrive at the exactical moment of my departure? I will cross the theshold of Onestria and explore the mystical lands beyonder.” Nin reached a massive arm around Michae’s shoulders and squeezed him in a gleeful hug. “This is splendiferous!”

Michael could never have imagined that at the end of an ordinary weekend he would find himself exploring a fantastical world “Over the Edge” with a giant guinea pig and a flying sleigh as his travelling companions.

Allan believes he is very unfortunately born: his mismatching eyes, his uncontrollable hair, his satellite dish ears, his old-fashioned name… The icing on the cake is his clumsiness. Everything else about him people agree to be beyond his control but calamities follow him, mishaps surround him and disasters befall anyone crossing his path, earning him a reputation as a nuisance everywhere he goes.

Soon after starting Year 6, his clumsiness is mistaken for a deliberate prank, with unhappy consequences. Allan decides he’s had enough and makes a Plan to avoid further disasters. But will it work?

Accidental Allan 3D




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