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Honest Conversation Reviews ‘Deborah and Jael’

Honest Conversation Reviews ‘Deborah and Jael’

Praise for 'Deborah and Jael' from Honest Conversation

According to a recent review by Honest Conversation, two great strengths of the illustrated children’s book Deborah and Jael by Lucy Rycroft are (a) it is “a lesser known Bible story”; and (b) it is “one about women”.

Annie writes:

“I love how the story focuses on their wisdom and bravery – two traits I love to be able to discuss when it comes to female Bible characters!”

The illustrations from Beth Aulton are also praised, especially as she did not portray all the characters as white:

“I particularly enjoy the facial expressions! And, as a whole the images are far more representative than any of our current Bible story books.”

Regarding the book’s Christian message, Annie notes:

“I loved that the story finishes with the people praising God. Often I find myself having to add in that part of a story so I loved that it was already written to prompt conversation with my kids.”

You can read the full review HERE.

Lucy had chosen to write about a lesser known Bible story. Tick. And one about women. Even bigger tick!


Honest Conversation

About the Book

Evil King Jabin has been in power for 20 years – but who is brave enough to defeat him? Deborah and Jael are two strong women. They are ready to stand up and use their bravery and wisdom to help their people and serve God.

In this poetic retelling of the well-known Bible story, found in Judges, children will discover how God uses His friends to bring peace and defeat evil.

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