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How Shall They Hear?

How Shall They Hear?

The memoirs and observations of country preacher John Mollitt.

This collection of memoirs paints the life of a country preacher in broad strokes, through poignant anecdotes that will at times make you smile, at other times pause to reflect.

John Mollitt was born in the Lune Valley, near to Lancaster. After an early career in banking and civil service, he served as Pastor of Ingleton Evangelical Church in North Yorkshire for thirty years. Then in 2009 he retired and began an itinerant preaching ministry.

“John’s reminiscing is both heart-warming and at times amusing. Preaching his first sermon to his brother at the age of ten, he later proclaimed the gospel widely in the open air, at children’s missions, throughout a long serving pastorate and now in an itinerant ministry to rural fellowships. This has provided him not only with a score of anecdotes, but more significantly with a sympathetic understanding of the life of small village churches.” – Brian H. Edwards

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John Mollitt

John Mollitt


John Mollitt was born in the Lune Valley, near to Lancaster. Having worked in banking and the Civil Service, he became Pastor of Ingleton Evangelical Church, North Yorkshire in 1979. He retired in 2009 and is now engaged in an itinerant preaching ministry.

John is married to Pat and has three children and five grandchildren. He enjoys watching sport, playing chess and has a nostalgic interest in steam railways.




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