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Christmas poetry on the Christian Book Blurb Podcast

Christmas poetry on the Christian Book Blurb Podcast

Matt McClery interviews Howard Webber about his Christmas poetry book, on the Christian Book Blurb Podcast

In English schools we are often taught not to repeat words in a sentence. However, in poetry most rules can be bent. Howard discusses the process of word repetition used in his poem ‘Broken’, which went against all he had previously been taught. This led to an insightful poem focused on both our own brokeness and the birth of the perfect baby Jesus, who would later be broken himself.

Howard says, “You can have a brokeness of heart, you can have broken things, tears can break down your face. A multitude of things entered my head. I couldn’t wait to get away from the tea table and scribble them down … and the realisation that with all that brokeness there was only one unbroken thing and that was that baby … and even he would be broken one day.”

Listen to this podcast to hear about:

  • How the book Gift Beyond Measure came about.
  • Howard Webber’s testimony of coming to faith.
  • Other books by the author.
  • Sharing Jesus with others naturally.

We had everything people want. But thinking back, actually I had something more precious than this when I was not much older than my children, and I hadn’t got that anymore … I knelt on my little boys bed and prayed a simple prayer.

Howard Webber

About the Book


Award-winning author and retired Salvation Army minister, Howard Webber, brings us a treasury of original poems for Christmas. As he brilliantly captures key moments from the Nativity, applying them to our lives today, you will find this age-old narrative coming to life again this season.

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