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I Know a Young Woman who Swallowed a Lie

I Know a Young Woman who Swallowed a Lie

Traditional songs and nursery rhymes re-written with humour and a Christian message.

In this unique book, Hazel cracks the riddles of some of the weird and wonderful nursery rhymes and community songs that form an integral part of our English heritage. Then, with wit and humour, and retaining the same timeless rhyming and rhythm, she re-forms them to tell the stories and message of the Bible – and integral part of our Christian heritage.

ISBN: 9781907509438 (PB Colour) / 9781907509049 (PB B&W)

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Dr Hazel Butler

Dr Hazel Butler


Author, Hazel Butler, was married to an Anglican clergyman for 41 years, and was actively involved in youth and family work within the parishes. She has 3 married sons and 10 grandchildren, and was a General Medical Practitioner for 30 years before she ‘retired’ in 2007. She has written a previous children’s book called Heaven’s Humpties which was a pre-cursor of this more adult and developed collection of God Songs from Odd Songs, in this I Know Young Woman who Swallowed a Lie.

She is on the board of International Health Partners, a charity dedicated to providing donated medical aid to the neediest parts of the world.

From her home in Tenterden in Kent, UK, she runs prayer days and quiet days. Through her ministry she hopes to communicate the love of God in an up to date, relaxed and relevant way to people, especially those who have no links to formal Christianity. More details can be found on

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